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SuperStar Leo

The first megaship specifically designed and destined for the Southeast Asian market offers several dining and entertainment options to both local and international guests who will appreciate her colourful and intimate style

by Stefano Fermi (25 May, 1999)

Star Cruises
Star Cruises began with a cruise out of Singapore in the fall of 1993.
The Leo is the latest step in its expansion and now the company is one of the top five cruise operators in the world and a real specialist in Asia.
SuperStar Leo It's first megaship, the Meyer Werft-built SuperStar Leo, has again brought to the attention of the cruising public the fact that Asia is both a source of passengers and a viable destination.
The SuperStar Leo will be joined this summer by a sister ship, the SuperStar Virgo.
Star Cruises has already ordered two new even larger Libra-class ships from Meyer Werft and has even gone so far as to announce plans for Scorpio-class newbuildings.

SuperStar Leo
The brand new SuperStar Leo is the first megaship specifically designed and destined for the Southeast Asian market rather than the mature North American market.
The SuperStar Leo will be marketed locally, regionally and internationally.
SuperStar Leo Grand Lobby Because of her size, and because there are so many dining and entertainment options to choose from, she is suited to nearly all target markets: local and international passengers, families, singles and older passengers, and income levels all the way up to the wealthy clientele.
SuperStar Leo was designed by Tillbert Design and its associate SMC Design.

The Grand Lobby
Passengers embark and disembark from the Grand Lobby on deck 7. The open floor area is wonderfully spacious.
It has a reception desk and there is a cafe on the port side of the lobby. The huge atrium soars from deck 7 to deck 13.
A magnificent double staircase gives passengers access to the next deck, with its large beatiful shops and Champagne Charlie's, an Art Deco style champagne and caviar lounge.
The upper decks are designed to look like house fronts.
The ship has three passenger staircases and three elevator banks with three elevators each.
The traffic flow is well planned and the signs are attractive, making it easy to find your way around the ship.SuperStar Leo Grand Lobby

The Cabins
Passenger cabins are located in the forward section of decks 4, 5, 6 and 8 and line the entire length of decks 9, 10 and 11.
In terms of capacity, the SuperStar Leo has 982 passenger cabins and can accommodate 1,964 in the lower berths.
There are 608 outside cabins and 374 inside passenger cabins.
Each of the suites are luxuriously appointed in different themes.
On decks 9, 10 and 11 there are 162 lovely Ocean View Staterooms with a private balcony and living room.
The balconies are not especially large but won't keep passengers from enjoying what can be one of the best parts of cruising.
Pairs of cabins can be transformed into a Standard suite by means of a connecting door.
370 of the inside cabins have 4 berths. In addition, there are 4 inside cabins for disabled passengers.SuperStar Leo Cabin

Dining Choices
The selection of dining choices is marvelous. Windows Restaurant, on deck 6, seats up to 632 diners at a time. This is the main dining room and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The three floor-to-ceiling french windows facing aft offer expansive views.
There is Chinese family-style dining in the 268-seat Garden Room located amidships.
The 568-seat Raffles Buffet & Terrace on deck 12 is the third of the large dining areas. Two buffet lines offer Malay, Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Western cuisine.
This venue is also used for informal dinners and gala midnight buffets. Then there are a myriad of smaller, more intimate dining places.
The Bier Garten on deck 13, covered by a canvas awning, provides German style food and drink. It overlooks the Tivoli Pool.
The Tai Pan, a Chinese restaurant on deck 7, seats 102 guests.
The elegant Louis XIV style Maxim's on deck 7, near the forward staircase, seats 52 and serves gourmet cuisine from an open kitchen, creating an upscale atmosphere.
SuperStar Leo Maxim's Restaurant The 130-seat contemporary Japanese restaurant, Shogun, on deck 8 offers Teppanyaki, a Sushi Bar and Tatami Room.
The intimate 50-seat Blue Lagoon Cafe, serving Asian and Western favorites, is open 24-hours a day.
Another possibility for beer lovers is the 63-seat English pub, Henry the Black, on the port side of deck 7.

Entertainment Areas
Next come the evening entertainment areas designed for both Asian and Western clientele.
The largest is the 957-seat Moulin Rouge show lounge, located in the aft section of decks 7 and 8. The theater has removable seats in the forward section so that that area can be used for dancing.
A second large entertainment area, the Galaxy of the Stars & The Observatory, in the forward area of deck 12, seats 423.
This elegant lounge with its mahogany and brass fittings offers dramatic views through its floor-to-ceiling window walls.SuperStar Leo Thai Restaurant
It is one of the two dancing saloons on board. The other is the 128-seat Celebrity Disco located a deck above, inspired and designed with vibrant 70's colours.
The Observatory is separated from the main lounge by tall glass screens. Through a spiral staircase from the Galaxy of the Stars it is possible to reach the Captain's Bridge Viewing Room. From here passengers can see the operation of the ship by the Captain and his officers.
There is a warm and comfortable Library and Writing Room on the starboard side of deck 12.

Karaoke and Casino
The popularity of Karaoke has not been overlooked. The Bund karaoke lounge is on deck 7. The public bar and private karaoke rooms can accommodate 63 guests.
The spacious Maharaja casino on deck 7 and 8 has areas set apart for special guests and VIP's. The opulent casino is done in vibrant red.

Children and teenagers also have their needs catered to.
On deck 10 Charlie's Child Care Centre has a spacious play area, beds for taking naps, a computer center, monkey cage and a cinema with sponge seats and beanbags.
Outdoors there is the Buccaneer's Wet & Wild play area inspired by tales of pirates in the Caribbean with a multi-colored pool, an oversized pirate ship, sunken galleon with water canons, a crow's nest, swinging ropes, fiber optic lights and sounds of waves.
SuperStar Leo Pool Area A fiberglass mountain with slides and tunnel will allow kids to invent more adventures at sea for themselves and their new friends.
Next to the Buccaneer's children's pool is an area for youngsters with video games, a disco and a cinema.

Sun Deck
Of course the sun deck is not to be forgotten. The baths of ancient Rome are the inspiration for the main sun deck, the Tivoli Pool. It has four jacuzzies - two covered and two open.
Traditional Roman columns surround the 16-metre lap pool.
The pool is serviced by the German Bier Garten throughout the day with ice creams from the neighbouring Ice Cream bar and self service fruit juice carts.
Also decorated in the Roman style is the indoor Roman Spa & Fitness Center forward on deck 12.
Hand-made tiles with decorative Roman patterns from Italy beautify the Spa.

Technical Details
SuperStar Leo has a length of 268 m, a width of 32.2 m, a tonnage of 76,800 grt and a speed of 25 knots. There are 1,000 cabins that accomodate 2,000 lower berth passengers with a crew of 1,100.

For further information: Star Cruises

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