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African Safari Club, thanks to over 25 years experience in Kenya, offers the mix of two very different tourist packages: a sunny and relaxing cruise in the Indian Ocean and the adventure game of the Safari in the lands of the Masai tribe.

By Stefano Fermi (1/1/96)

The African Safari Club
Karl Ruedin, a Swiss businessman, started 30 years ago with his first hotel complex in Watamu (near Malindi), has now developed with the help of his two sons (Roland in Mombasa and Hans Peter in Switzerland), the most important tourist organization in Africa. At the present time the Africa Safari Club manages 13 hotel complexes (from Bombasa to Watamu), an airline with a DC10 that links Switzerland to Kenya, a second airline, the Skytrail, for the transport of the tourists from the coast hotels to the reserves on the high plains, and a fleet of 4WD cars (probably more than 200!). ASC also owns a private marina in the Mtwapa Creek where two motoryachts over 25 metres long are moored, along with other vessels useful for private charter, sightseeing tours along the coast, and game fishing.

The "Royal Star"
The ship, managed by Star Line Shipping Company that is completely owned by the ASC, is based in Mombasa and offers cruises in the Indian Ocean all year round. There is no other ship that can offer so many cruises in this African area and this is possible because the "Royal Star" can afford the strong support of ASC on land.
The ship in not new, but it was completely renovated when ASC bought her and has now been restored to her former glory.
The interiors, public spaces and cabins are elegant and warm. She is not a large ship (118 metres) but offers everything a cruise guest can possibly want. On board life is mainly on the "Promenade Deck" where there are the public areas: (except the "Starlight Dancing & Piano Bar" which is on the Sun Deck) the "Marco Polo Lounge", with the "Explorer Bar", the little Casino, the Boutique, the "Belvedere Restaurant" and the "Lido Bar" near the swimming pool. 220 passengers are accomodated in 109 cabins on three decks divided into six categories: suites (eight), De luxe (4), A (19), B (24), C (19), D (22) and inside (14). The officers are Greek and German, the latter responsible for the hotel management, the cruise program and the excursions, meanwhile the crew is from the Philippines.

The Cruises
The ship sails, departing from Mombasa, with different cruise routes in the Indian Ocean. Ports of call are Praslin and Mah╚ (Seychelles Islands), Nosy B╦ (Madagascar), Male (Maldives Islands), Mayotte (Comores Islands), Zanzibar and La R╦union (Mauritius Islands). The "Royal Star" also calls at other beautiful coral islands, like Shungu Mbli, still unknown at the tourist market at large.
There is a wide choice regarding the length of the cruise: for example one can choose from a cruise of 4 nights (called "Zanzibar"), of 7 nights ("1001 Nights"), of 10 nights ("Oriental Impression") and longer as the "Oriental Impression".

The Safaris
This is really the true essence of Africa. In Kenya hunting has been forbidden for many years and now the wildlife parks and reserves are only for the tourists. The Safari is a safe adventure in which it is possible to get close the animals normally seen only on television or at the Zoo; furthermore it is an immersion in the unforgettable "Savana" of Kenya. ASC offers the very best in organization and special attention for the safety of its guests. The safaris differ in length (from one to eight nights) and there is also the choice of combined transport (plane, cars, buses).

For further information: Royal Star Cruises

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