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Rhodes Island

The animated history of the third Greek island is due to the importance of its geographical position and is strictly related to the sea

by Livia Taglioli (22/04/97)

The summer season
The cruising season that connects the Isle to the rest of the world, coincides with the very long summer of the largest isle of the Dodecanese starting in April till October.
Rhodes is famous as the island of the sun, sea and sand. It has a lenght of 78 Km and a width of 38 Km and has a population of 60.000.
It is separated from Asia Minor by the Straits of Marmara, 13 Km wide.
The port of Rhodes, the town is placed at the farthest north of the island, is the mooring place of many ships, sailing mostly both from Italy and Greece.

The Medieval Town
The ancient Rhodes, placed within the wall of the Castle, with its countless typical workshops is only at ten minutes walk from
the port where the ship moors and where in the ancient times raised the famous Colossus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
It has now been replaced, at the entrance of the harbor, by the statue of the deer and the fawn which have become the symbol of the town.
It is from this ancient harbor, the modern name is Mandraki, that the small vessels which go on daily cruises to other Greek Islands set out.
The treasures of the old town catch the eyes between the narrow ways, the unpaved lanes, the building in stone and the churches.
The Castle of the Kights which dates back to the 16th century, the Hospital of the Knights of a former century and which is now the site of an Archaeological Museum, reach in finds and the Palace of the Great Scholars which hosts a wonderful collection of forniture of European genre of the 17th century; mosaic floors and objects of Roman and protochristian age.
At the two sides of the main road, known as Street of the Knights, there are the dwellings of the seven nations which constituted the knoghts class in the 12th century.

Outside the important walls rises the modern city with large roads, smart buildings, great hotels and shops.

The Butterflies Valley
If you rent a scooter or a car, you can slope down for about 20 km. to the Western coast.
It has got a rough and wild surface and the wind often blows as far as Kremasti and Paradissi where there is the famous Butterflies Valley, unique in the whole Greece.
You can also go east, towards wonderful bays, sandy extensions and pretty villages for Lindos (about 50 km from Rhodes).

It is said that Paolo the Apostle disembarked in this port and for this reason it is named "Saint Paul".
The little town, built undere the stiff cliff of the Acropolis, from which is possible to enjoy a delightful view, with its whitened houses, the peebled courtyards, the heavy balaustrades of balconies and brown windows, represents the most extraordinary image of Rhodes.

Entertainments and night-life
The isle of Rhodes, not only offers vestiges and art collection, it proposes living and beating culture like: "Like and Sounds", performances in different languages in the Great Scholars palace and Nelly Domoglu's theatres of Rhodes.
And all this without mentioning the places of entartainments and the rich artistic programme offered by the night-life: the Casino, the several restaurants and the innumberable and interesting shopping opportunities.

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