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Cruising with Corsica Ferries

Also this year Corsica Ferries is successfully running its original formula of minicruises during the non-peak seasons

By Angelo Scorza (15/04/97)

Every Friday night the Sardinia Regina (formely Corsica Regina), capable of 1700 pax and sistership to the Corsica Victoria, leaves Genova to call Bastia in Corse by the following morning.
Passengers have thus the whole Saturday to spend freely in this magnificent island (named "Kallistè", the most beautiful, from the Old Greeks) far from the beaten tracks of the summer tourism.
At Saturday night when they come back a gala dinner in line with the world-wide famous style and taste of the Italian cuisine is offered on board.
Clients then may have their own fun time in the large discotheque or get nice entertainment with the cabaret, games and bingo organized by the well trained staff of the New Crazy Colors operator.

All year long
During particular "theme" week-end passengers may even get more, as it is with the Strip Men night organized for the Women's Day on the 8th of March, the Hallowen Night in November or the Oktoberfest.
The mini-cruises last two days and run October to May for 29 week-ends. Additionally the clients may extend the cruise-time to four or even five days with the "Extralarge" formula or the "Mini-sodjourning" formula.
Even the price is reasonable, as for a standard week-end from USD 89 (for the Holiday Cabin accomodation) to USD 210 (for a Suite) per head are requested.
Introduced a few years ago, the minicruises have become increasingly popular so that even in months such as February-March or November-Dicember, traditionally believed as dead season for Corse, half or even more of the ship is filled. The cruise fits all ages, from the "gangs" of young people to the most aged couples celebrating a romantic week-end.

Economies of scale

For the shipowner the deployment of ferries far from the conventional period is a remarkable source of additional revenues to match part of the yearly fixed costs and thus to achieve economies of scale.
The profitability of the formula is such that other operators running ferry services in the Western Mediterranean have followed the example of Corsica Ferries and the Tourship Group owned by the French operator Pascal Lota.
And a similar venture is in action in the Caribbeans where Tourship's flagship Corsica Victoria, capable of 1700 pax, is deployed during the winter season waiting for its June-September regular service Genoa-Bastia to begin.

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