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Bodrum's Cup
A regatta open to everybody. To go on board a Turkey wooden caique for a race/cruise.

Text and pictures by Paolo Maccione

Although an Islamic country, Turkey has now became a very westernised Nation that has learned how to exploit tourism.
Here women, who do not wear the shador any more, have now the same rights as man and hold important offices in the government. A wooden caiqueAlcoholic drinks are not forbidden anymore and the typical dark skinned Turk, ready to draw his scimitar is an image that belongs only to history books.So we would like to invite everyone to visit this country without worrying about false rumours that describe it as a place frequented by fanatic dangerous Islamic people. During the last 11 years Turkey has become the true sailing paradise. Along its 8,000 kilometres of coasts, more than 3,200 boats used as charters sail offering about 30,000 accommodations for people. The "marina", equipped tourist yacht harbours, offer more than 7,000 berths.

What the Bodrum's Cup is.
It is probably the only stage sailing race in the world where also babies and completely inexperienced people can take part in. It is enough to go aboard a caique, the typical local boats as comfortable as floating hotels and leave for a cruise/race along the South-Western Turkish coasts. The passengers, if they like, may take part in the manoeuvring and learn the art of sailing or simply enjoy the sun and the voyage. The crew will take care of everything. The Bodrum's cup is scheduled for the middle of October, when in Turkey it is still summer and at that latitude the temperature ranges from 25 to 30 C.
A wooden caique In the past, they were boats equipped for fishing. Nowadays these firm hulls, made of pine wood, are used for comfortable charter cruises. Generally, the caiques length ranges from 15 to 30 m and all of them offer double cabins with bathroom; some of them are also equipped with air conditioning and telephone. There is ample space where it is possible to sunbathe on soft cushions. The crew is formed by 2/4 people including a cook. open to visitors.

Places and routes
The sailing race, lasting one week, starts and finishes in Bodrum. Bodrum is a small town with about 21,000 inhabitants, placed in the Southwest of Turkey, and 840 km from Instambul and 778 km far from Ankara.Turkey Map The town is dominated by a medieval castle built by the Knights of S.John. During the regatta, following a route called "Blue Voyage", there will be visits of small towns and bays of the Turkish coast: Datca, lovely tourist centre, Karaburun, Marmaris, a town full of shops and restaurants, and Ekincik, wonderful bay surrounded by pine forests.
Every day, after the race and before going to the hotel, there is always enough time to see interesting places or to relax and have a swim. The last two days are devoted to moving towards Bodrum where there is a party with prize-giving at Halikarnas' discotheque. Prices and booking Since the first sailing race the price has not changed: 450 US dollars for one person in double cabin, full board (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner). Single cabins cost 600 US dollars. The flight is not included. Since summer 1995 there has been an international airport also in Bodrum.

For further informations contact:
ERA YACHTING & TOURISM - Neyzen Tevfik Cad. No. 4 - 48400 Bodrum TURKEY;
Tel. +90-252-3162310; Facsimile +90-252-3165338.
Mr. Erman Aras ( Bodrum's Cup founder and ERA agency owner) or Mr. Tansu Usal (General Manager).

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